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Nurturing Child Care

Toomanykidzs provides high-quality, compassionate care for children aged 2 Months to 12 years old. All children need care and respect to reach their full potential. It promotes physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development in early childhood. Care is vital for your child’s healthy growth and development, according to our three-decade experience. It provides long-term and intergenerational health, productivity, and social cohesion advantages that help your child grow into a better person, a star student, and a contributing member of society.

Early Childhood Education

Preschoolers and school-aged children’s emotional, social, and intellectual development is aided by our secure, caring, and supportive child care environments. We cultivate fruitful partnerships with regional, statewide, and national organizations to improve and promote the importance of and access to high-quality early childhood development and care. We help children learn necessary social, emotional, and behavioural skills that ensure they reach their developmental milestones at our daycare. We provide a solid educational foundation by teaching Project-based and Developmental Play-based activities and offer programs for a wide variety of ages from 2 months to 12 years.

Infant and toddler care

Our network of educated and suitably qualified early childhood experts has linked families together since our inception through our Infant and Toddler Day Care. Our Infant/Toddler program, which provides assistance and early childhood development to children as young as six weeks old, accepts children as young as 8 weeks old. We deliver high-quality child care hourly, daily. Our team is pleased to provide this accessible and affordable service to our deserving Westchester parents at a very reasonable price.

Daycare hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am-5:30pm