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About Us


It is a Group Family Daycare

Toomanykidzs Inc is a family-owned and operated daycare serving Westchester County residents. As a group of caring individuals, we love that feeling you get when you have a significant influence on someone, which helps them in living a better life in the future. This is what drives our business and motivates us to go above and beyond to inspire others’ lives through the care we give each day. Our Mission is to provide reliable and quality childcare services that meet the needs of the children, families, and community we serve.

Toomanykidzs extends a comprehensive suite of child care services for children, including daycare for infants, toddlers and school-age children. We understand how difficult it becomes for working parents to manage their schedules and budgets and look after their children simultaneously. We aspire to make affordable community-based early childhood education and care available to working families throughout Westchester County. Our team of experienced caregivers and professionals are thoroughly trained to ensure your child’s healthy nurturing and overall development.

At Toomanykidzs, your child will receive top-notch care in a fun, loving and compassionate environment. Our Caregivers help children learn essential social, emotional, and behavioural skills that ensure they reach their developmental milestones. We provide a solid educational foundation to children by teaching Project-based and Developmental Play-based activities and offering creative programs for a wide variety of ages from 2 months to 12 years. When leaving your child under our care, you can rest assured that your child’s development is in reliable and professional hands.

Daycare hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am-5:30pm